Waist Bead Queens

Promoting Body Positivity & Mindful Wellness

The owner of African Fashion Collabo is all about living a healthy lifestyle focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health. She loves that waist beads can be worn as a fashion statement but also can be used as a tool to promote mindful wellness. Unlike a scale, waist beads don’t attach the same kind of guilt that comes with staring at a number that “may never seem to move.” Instead, they reward you by becoming loose if you lose a few inches off your waist, they become restrictive when you eat to let you know your full, they can move up higher on the waist letting you know you gained weight, etc… All while still giving you that certain Je ne sai quoi that makes you feel very sexy and confident in your own skin. Waist beads are universally for all women of all ages and all sizes.

Waist Bead Queens is an accessory brand owned and operated by African Fashion Collabo LLC.

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You Are Beautiful

We want women to love wearing waist beads as a statement of confidence, sexiness, and freedom. We want to break down the unrealistic beauty expectations society has put on women. Regardless of what stage they are in their wellness journey, women should know that at any size or any age, “You Are Enough and You Are Beautiful.”

We Support Women Entrepreneurs 

In support of women empowerment & entrepreneurship, our waist beads are outsourced and made by talented women all over the continent of Africa. In countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana. We also produce some of our beads in the USA.